The North Queensland Law Association was formed on 25 January 1959. In 1998 the Association incorporated, becoming the North Queensland Law Association Inc.

The objects of the Association as outlined in the Constitution are:

  1. To promote confidence and goodwill between the community and the legal profession;
  2. To promote confidence and goodwill between the members of the Association and between members of the legal profession generally;
  3. To promote and protect the interests of the legal profession;
  4. To promote and protect the interest of the community in relation to the law by all such means as shall be considered by the Association to be for the improvement of the state of the law and of the administration there of; and
  5. To cooperate with the Queensland Law Society Incorporated in all matters relating to the profession.

The Management Committee of the Association consists of:

  1. A President and Vice President;
  2. 9 other members;
  3. 6 being Committee Members elected at the AGM each year; and
  4. 3 other people either being the President of each District Law Association or a representative of each of the District Law Associations;
  5. A Secretary;
  6. A Treasurer;
  7. The immediate past President of the Association;
  8. Any member of the Association who is also a member of the Council of Queensland Law Society Inc.

Since its commencement, the North Queensland Law Association has appointed numerous life members in recognition of their contribution to the Association. Life members appointed to date are:

  1. Raoul Guides
  2. Peter Apel
  3. Bill Gillman (Dec’d)
  4. Dom Martinez (Dec’d)
  5. Jim Thompson
  6. Hall Westaway
  7. Ian Roberts (Dec’d)
  8. Jim Carey (Dec’d)
  9. Graham Roberts
  10. Russell Sherrington
  11. Norm Brown (Dec’d)
  12. David Glasgow (resigned – appointed Qld Magistrate – now in Townsville)
  13. The HON Justice James Barry (Dec’d)
  14. John Francis
  15. Ian MacDonald (resigned – elected Federal Senator for Qld and Fisheries Minister in the Howard Government)
  16. Magistrate Rob Spencer – Appointed Queensland Magistrate in Cairns
  17. The Honourable Judge John Coker – Federal Circuit Court Townsville
  18. Vince Vandeleur
  19. Tom Covacevich (Dec’d)
  20. George Roberts (Dec’d)
  21. Justice Sir George Kneipp (Dec’d)
  22. Magistrate Steven Mosch – Queensland Magistrate – Townsville

The NQLA Inc has developed and maintains this site for the benefit of its members and for all persons interested in legal matters. Our aim is to provide a quality point of reference to our members and others.